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Seussical The Musical Kids Program

Character Breakdown and Cast:

Jojo: Lucas Fotheringham

JoJo is the audience’s link to the story. The audience follows the narrative through his eyes (he’s also referred to as Child).

The Cats:
Cat 1: Hadley Sarten
Cat 2: Aspen Brown
Cat 3: Abby Palmer

The Cats (Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3) are mischievous, spirited creatures who take JoJo and the audience on quite an adventure.

Horton: Malakai Williams

Horton is a loveable elephant with a heart of gold. Has great loyalty and conviction to the Whos.

Gertrude McFuzz: Charlotte Jones

Gertrude McFuzz is a shy bird with tail envy!

Mr. Mayor: Paxton Finlay

Mr. Mayor is the mayor of Whoville and the perfect picture of patriarchy. He tries to keep the town happy and secure, which is quite a job since the tiny Whos are always in danger of being swept away and lost.

Mrs. Mayor: Reagan Alexander

Mrs. Mayor is the mayor’s wife and is most concerned with trying to make sure her son, JoJo, stays in line.   

Mayzie LaBird: Ella Nay

Mayzie LaBird is a sneaky bird who tricks Horton into helping her take care of her egg. She is fun, jovial and has a careless spirit.

Sour Kangaroo: Mia Duckett

Sour Kangaroo is as sour as a kangaroo can be.

Young Kangaroo: Rosalie Emerson

Young Sour Kangaroo is as sour as a kangaroo can be and is a miniature of her mother.

Wickersham Brothers:
Wickersham 1: Mason Kehl
Wickersham 2: Wyatt Carbone
Wickersham 3: Elius Chavez

The Wickersham Brothers (Wickersham 1, Wickersham 2, Wickersham 3) are a trio of trouble-making monkeys! They bring a strong, diverse energy to their mischief.

Judge Yertle: Katherine Beckstrand

Judge Yertle the turtle presides over Horton’s court proceedings.

Vlad Vladikoff: Elijah Tresner

Vlad Vladikoff is an eagle who drops Whoville into a field of clovers!


The Whos:

Lucy Heartle, Eleanor Hatfield, Chika Iheanacho,

. .

Bodee Kanniainen, and Rylie Brown


Jungle Citizens:

Katie Attaway, Lacey Croft, Karsyn Widerberg,

. .

Laura Ann Taufahema, Norah Bridge


Talk Show Host: Chisom Iheanacho

Marshal: Brooklyn Cordova


Iris Romney, Avaleigh Wright and Adison Barton


 Thing 1 and Thing 2: Alani and Aniya Diskin

*are all essential roles for creating the vivid and imaginative world of Seuss.

General Ensemble:

Abby Mcconnehey, Destiny Taylor

Finley Dinger, Altonio Diskin, Preston Everett

Hayley Robinson, Henry McConnehey, Lilith Seegmiller,

Luke Pham, Austin Quinney, Bella Kamocki,


Charlie Attaway, Daniel Bell, Kloie Harr,

Norah Bridge, Peyton Ballif, Sophie Johnston,

Trinity Thiemann, Wes Hall, Wesley Rasmussen,

Alea Kraja, Aspen Deschamp, Claire Morrison,

Ilyanna Hunt, Koda Lowe, Leland Luna,

Linh Nhu Nguyen, Lorelai Mitchell, Karsyn Widerburg, 

MaKenna Christensen, Michael Candelaria, Abby Birch,


Avrilee Harr, Kaylee Higginson, and Emersen Farnworth