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Principal’s Pride

Mrs. Ludlow would like to recognize the following student leaders who have earned Principal's Pride for the week. We are grateful that we have students that work so hard.

March 29, 2019

Name Teacher Grade
Rykan McKay-Rogers Ms. Flanagan 1st
See Principal's Pride Board Ms. Brinton SC-1
Nicoli Fred Ms. Brinton SC-1
Kate Beckstrand Mrs. Empey 2nd
Isabella Mendoza Miss McDougal 2nd
Addi Ballif Mrs. Hatch 3rd
Steven Bell Mrs. Hatch 3rd
Trent Corum Mrs. Jensen SC-3
Angel Carranza Mrs. Jensen SC-4
Josue Veleta Mrs. Jensen SC-4
Jenessa Harris Mrs. Josephson 4th
Noemi Orozco Mrs. Josephson 4th
Yaretzi Cuenca Miss James 5th
Domenick Orozco Miss James 5th
Alexander Sanchez Juarez Miss James 5th
Josten Thomas Ms. Caraker 6th
Drew Luangsawadi Mrs. Harrison 6th

March 22, 2019

Name Teacher Grade
Oken Cook Ms. Flanagan 1st
Elijah McIntyre Ms. Brinton SC-1
Malakai McIntyre Ms. Brinton SC-1
Makaela Zamudio Mrs. Empey 2nd
Sawyer Brown Miss McDougal 2nd
Presley Tresner Mrs. Josephson 4th
Tanea Gardner Mrs. Jospehson 4th
Allison Kehl Mrs. Tyrrell 4th
Abigail Lavulo Mrs. Tyrrell 4th
Morgan Albee Mrs. Yancey 5th
Damien Bottoms Mrs. Duncan SC-5
Aiden Garlick Mrs. Duncan SC-5
Emma Figueroa Mrs. Duncan SC-5
Vanessa Perez Ms. Caraker 6th
Kade Brock Mrs. Harrison 6th
Kaylee Grantham Ms. Stetson 6th
Hailey Lavulo Ms. Stetson 6th