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Principal’s Pride

Mrs. Ludlow would like to recognize the following student leaders who have earned Principal's Pride for the week. We are grateful that we have students that work so hard.

December 15, 2017

Name Teacher Grade
Sophia Neron Ms. Brinton SC-1
J.J. Sanchez Miss McDougal 2nd
Chloe Fleming Miss Preece 2nd
Creston Keate Miss Preece 2nd
See Prinicipal's Pride Board Miss Preece 2nd
Kiara Tamayo Mrs. Selk 2nd
Emma Rasmussen Mrs. Itaaehau 3rd
Angel Carranza Mrs. Jensen SC-3
Mike Avila Mrs. Tyrrell 4th
Quinn Hubert Mrs. Yancey 5th
Antoneo Dorantes Mrs. Yancey 5th
Arriana Roybal Mrs. Yancey 5th
Audry Orellana Mrs. Duncan SC-6