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School Policies


Arriving on Campus

Students should arrive on campus no earlier than 8:20 a.m. For safety reasons, please do not send your children to school early. Our teachers use their time in the morning to prepare for the day's instruction.


Regular school attendance is required by law. Legitimate absences include illness and emergency situations. Our state law places the responsibility for a student's attendance with the parent. If a student has excessive absences from school (one absence a week for 5 weeks are more) the school will send a notification letter to the parents which will be followed up by the district.

In case of an absence:

If your child is going to be absent please notify the school by phone. The school secretaries will call the homes of the children who do not arrive at school to help ensure the safety of our children. Please send a written excuse note to the teacher when your child returns.

In the case of travel:

If it becomes necessary for students to travel with their parents on business trips or vacations during the school year, parents may apply for an "Educational Leave" a week before the departure date. Forms are available in the office. Fill out the form and give it to the teacher. School work will be assigned and credit will be given when the work is turned in. Students will be allowed up to 10 days of vacation a year. if this procedure is followed.

Checking Out of School

If is necessary for a student to check out during school hours, the student must check out through the office. The parent/guardian must sign the child out before the student leaves the school. If the parent or guardian is not available students will be released to someone who is listed on the pink registration card unless the parent has sent a signed note to school. Student will not be allowed to walk or ride their bikes home during the school day. This is not to inconvenience the parent, but to protect your child.

School Security and Visitation

Effective November 3, 1997, all visitors volunteers, parents, guest presenters, etc. must sign in at the main office to receive an identification tag. This helps us know who is in the building. If an adult does not have a tag on, they will be asked to go to the office and check in to get an identification tag. Visitors must enter through the main doors and check in at the office. All other doors are locked.

We ask that parents working inside the classrooms leave preschoolers and small children at home. No school-age children from other schools may visit West Jordan Elementary during school hours, unless they are participating in a school-sponsored activity. Legal complications can arise by having children at school who are not registered in our program.

Dress Standards

Students are expected to dress in a manner that shows respect for the educational environment and is befitting the day's activities. Student's clothing and jewelry must not present a health or safety hazard or distraction. Items not considered appropriate for school include the following:

1. Clothing or belongings containing writing, pictures, or insignias that are crude, vulgar, profane, violent, sexually suggestive, or promote the use of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs.

2. Hair which is so conspicuous, extreme, odd in color, or style that it draws undue attention, disrupts, or interferes with the learning atmosphere of the school.

3. Clothing that is not clean.

4. Clothing, jewelry, accessories and piercings which are so conspicuous, extreme, or odd that the draw undue attention or pose a health or safety issue.

5. Students shall not wear clothes that are mutilated, cut off, or immodest. For example, short shorts, miniskirts, bare midriffs, spaghetti straps, tank shirts, etc. Clothing shall cover the midriff, underwear, backs, and cleavage at all times. Skirts, dresses and shorts must be at least mid-thigh length or longer when seated.

6. Hats of any kind are not allowed within the building except as part of an approved activity or for medical purposes.

7. Gang-related clothing, colors, and paraphernalia shall not be allowed in schools.

8. Shoes shall be worn at all times to insure personal safety and hygiene. For safety reasons, students who wear shoes with retractable wheels, will remove the wheels while on school grounds.

9. Parents should watch the weather and have children dress accordingly.

Warm Weather Dress Standards

  1. No tank tops, see-through tops or bare midriffs.
  2. No flip-flops! Students walk the track or have PE every day. We have many injuries at school due to inappropriate shoes.
  3. No cut-off Levi’s or short shorts (shorts must come to the bottom of the child’s fingertips when standing straight and tall)

Students may be sent home if their clothing is not appropriate.

School Lunches

Our cafeteria serves nutricious lunches daily and we encourage all students to purchase their lunches in the cafeteria. Students may, if they prefer, bring a cold lunch from home. Lunch menus will be sent home at the beginning of each month. Menus are subject to change. Meals need to be paid for in advance on a weekly or monthly basis. The cost of a regular school lunch is $1.50 per day or $7.50 per week. Breakfast is $0.70 per day or $3.50 per week. Reduced lunches cost $0.40 per day or $2.00 per week. The cost of reduced breakfast is $0.30 per day or $1.50 per week. Milk is $0.25. Free and reduced lunch applications are available upon request at the school office any time during the school year. A lunch deposit slip is required with each lunch payment. These are located in the office or can be printed by clicking on the link above the lunch menu on the calendar page in this website.

Playground Safety

Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the lawns, sidewalks, or playground. No alcoholic beverages, drugs, smoking, firearms, archer, golf, dogs, skateboarding, rollerblading, sleigh riding, tubing, or skiing is allowed on school grounds. Grounds are closed from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. The rules for the playground are as follows:

  1. Go to the bathroom before you go outside.
  2. Students are not allowed to stay inside during lunch recess unless they have a note from the parent.
  3. Students are not allowed in the bushes around the school.
  4. Students must stay three feet away from all fences.
  5. No climbing in the trees.
  6. Leave sprinkler boxes and man-hole covers alone.
  7. Cell phones and i-pods can not be used at school.
  8. Toys and electronic games from home can be played with at the owner’s risk.  If they are broken or lost, the school is not responsible.
  9. Tetherballs cannot be kicked or sat on.
  10. No baseball during recesses
  11. No football during recesses (unless it is flag or touch)
  12. No wrestling, body slamming, piggy back riding or lewd behavior.
  13. Do not climb or hang on basketball hoops.

Please treat others as you would like to be treated.  Use of the playground equipment is a privilege. It should be used properly and not abused.  The playground aides are there to help you with your problems and to insure your safety.  Please treat them with respect and obey them when they tell you to do something.

Transportation To and From School

West Jordan Elementary is a walking school. We do not have bus privileges available. Children must cross the streets in the crosswalks ONLY.  Our crossing guards are employees of the West Jordan Police Department and need to be obeyed. Students must WALK their bikes across the street in the crosswalk.  Bikes, roller blades and skateboards need to be carried on and off school grounds. Please be respectful of our neighbors when dropping your children off at the school. Do not park in front of drive ways.

Medicine at School

Utah State Law requires that students not self-administer any medication in an Elementary School. All medication must be kept in the office and administered under the direction of the school personnel. In order for the school to administer any medication, the office must have on file a Request for Giving Medication at School Form which must be filled out and signed by the child's physician. This pertains to non-prescription medicine as well as prescription drugs.

Food and Treats at School

Please check with the classroom teacher or office concerning classroom treats before such arrangements are made. The Salt Lake County Health Department has advised us that foods that are prepared at home for classroom treats are illegal and unwise. If you want to send a class treat, the following foods are acceptable.
1. Commercially prepared, nonhazardous foods such as cookies, cupcakes, candy or nuts in sealed packages.
2. Popcorn, fruits, and vegetables.

Student Code of Conduct

Respect is the key word in the Jordan District Schools - respect for self, others, and property. All students are expected to behave in a courteous and pleasant manner. Appropriate behaviors are expected in the classroom, on the playground, on buses, on the way to and from school, and at all activities. Disruptions and abusive behaviors that interfere with the learning and safety of other students will not be tolerated. In instances where behavior violates the school code of conduct, parent help and support will be requested.

Mission Statement

The community of students, teachers, and parents at West Jordan Elementary is committed to creating a positive environment for active learning. Our goal is to empower all students to reach their potential and become lifelong learners.