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Office Hours
Office Hours for West Jordan Elementary are from 8:00 to 3:30. We would be happy to help you with your needs.

Mission Statement
At West Jordan Elementary we empower students to reach their potential and become lifelong leaders and learners.

Mark Your Calendar

Dec 19 - West Jordan Elem Choir Performance 6:30 p.m.
Dec 19 - Christmas Singing Spectacular for parents (See below for grade level times)
Dec 23 - Jan 3 - Winter Break - No School
Jan 6 - Return to School

You are Invited...

To West Jordan Elementary's Christmas Singing  Spectacular for parents and friends of West Jordan Elementary. The following is a list of the times that your grade will be singing.

9:00 - Kindergarten
9:15 - 6th Grade
9:30 - 1st Grade
9:45 - 4th Grade
10:00 - 2nd Grade
10:15 - 5th Grade
10:30 - 3rd Grade

December School Newsletter

Students brought home the the December School Newsletter during the week of December 2nd. If you didn't get one and are interested in reading the newsletter click on the links below.

West Jordan Elementary Bedtime Story

Our wonderful principal, Jenn Ludlow has recorded a bedtime story for all to enjoy this Thanksgiving weekend. Click on the link below to watch it. Enjoy!

Principal's Bedtime Story

Christmas Songs to Practice

Hey Everyone!

Christmas is on top of us and it is the time to for our students to learn fun Christmas songs. Because our students and choir will be participating in various singing activities including our Singing Spectacular for all the parents to attend, we have provided some links and/or recording for our students to practice their songs at home during Thanksgiving break and beyond. We are grateful to share the talents of our students at this time of year.

1st grade
Upon the Housetop
2nd grade
Christmas Traditions song
3rd grade
4th grade
5th grade
6th grade
School Cell Phone Policy

Just a reminder of the school cell phone policy:

In accordance with District policy, students may have cell phones at school, but the cell phone must remained turned off during school hours, including recess time. District Policy AA419 states, "Possession of a cellular telephone by a student is a privilege that be forfeited by any student that uses his/her cell phone inappropriately. A student that possesses a cellular phone shall assume responsibility for its care. At no time shall the District be responsible for preventing theft, loss, or damage to cell phones brought onto school property. Cellular telephone use during classroom time, instructional activities and field trips is prohibited. Cellular telephones must remain off during these times. Exceptions to this policy may be granted by school administration on a case by case basis to accommodate family emergencies or medical necessity. Students violating these guidelines will be disciplined in accordance with District Policy AS67-Discipline of Students."

PTA Information
Want more information about the PTA? Check out our West Jordan Elementary Facebook Page