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Traffic Flow/Safety

Traffic Flow and SNAP Plan

The SNAP plan is the Student Neighborhood Access Plan for West Jordan Elementary. This plan includes maps for traffic flow and safe walking routes for West Jordan Elementary students. Click on the link below to review the SNAP Plan for the elementary school

2019.2020 SNAP Plan

Traffic Flow Map and Parking Lot Rules

Map of Traffic Flow for the School








Drop Off/Pick Up Rules

Students must be accompanied by an adult if the cross into the "Thru Lane."

Students must be accompanied by an adult if they cross at the parking lot entrance or exit.

Please have students enter vehicles in the pick-up/drop-off lane on the passenger side only.

Please continue to set a positive example for students by crossing at crosswalks only.

Students are NEVER to be dropped off or picked up along the east side of 2370 West unless accompanied by an adult.

The speed limit in the parking lot is 5 m.p.h.

Pull forward as far as possible in the pick-up/drop-off lane.