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School Policies

School Policies - WJES


  • Arriving on Campus
  • Breakfast
  • Attendance
  • Student Absence Verification
  • Medical Needs
  • School Security
  • Checking Children Out Early
  • Change of Address of Phone
  • Communicating With a Teacher
  • Cell Phones
  • School Visitation
  • Student Dress and Grooming
  • Playground Safety
  • Cafeteria
  • Transportation
  • Medications at School
  • Food and Treats at School

Politicas de la Escuela Primaria West Jordan

Arriving on Campus

Students should arrive on campus no earlier than 8:35 a.m. For safety reasons, please do not send your children to school early. Our teachers use their time in the morning to prepare for the day's instruction. The classroom doors will not be opened until 9:00 a.m. Students should go home immediately after school ends at 3:35 p.m. Adult supervision is provided outside after school until 3:45 p.m.


Students wishing to eat breakfast at school must be in line outside the cafeteria doors on the north side of the building at 8:35 a.m. Students who are in line at that time will be let into the school for breakfast.


Regular school attendance is required by law. Legitimate absences include illness and emergency situations. Our state law places the responsibility for a student's attendance with the parent. If a student has excessive absences from school (one absence a week for 5 weeks are more) the school will send a notification letter to the parents which will be followed up by the district. District policy now requires a doctor's note in order for an absence to be counted as District-excused.

Please contact the school if your child is absent. Any absences not notified are considered unexcused. For vacation days to be excused, please obtain a vacation leave form from the school and return it to the office before your planned vacation.

Student Absence Verification

To help ensure the safety of all students, an automated call will be placed to the homes of children who are marked as absent without a call from the parents. As a result, please double check your enrollment record in Skyward Access in order to ensure that your phone numbers are updated and accurate. If your child is going to be absent, please notify the school by phone as soon as possible. Absences that have not been verified by 9:45 a.m. will receive a phone call for the District's automated system.

Medical Needs

Please notify the office and your child's teacher if your child has any special medical needs or allergies.

School Security

We have a locked campus. All visitors must enter the school through the main doors and check in at the office. Visitors to the building will need to be "buzzed in." After entering through the front doors, please push the button to your right. The office staff will then respond and you may state your business at the school. The staff will then buzz you in. In accordance with state law, visitors are required to sign in and receive in identification tag to be worn while in the school.

Checking Children Out Early

Please send a note to the teacher whenever your child will be released early. Always come to the office and sign them out. If a note or phone call is not received, only the parent, guardian, or individuals listed in the child's enrollment records will be allowed to check the child out. Students will not be allowed to walk home before school is over. Picture ID is required in order to check students out or see them during the school day.

Change of Address or Phone

Please inform the office if you change your address or phone number at home or at work. In the event of an emergency, we need to be able to locate you. This is vital in instances when your child is ill or injured.

Communicating With a Teacher

We invite parents to consult with their child's teacher whenever they have a concern or question. To avoid disrupting the classroom, we encourage parents to schedule an appointment times before or after school or to contact them by email to schedule and appointment.

Cell Phones

In accordance with District policy, students may have cell phones at school, but the cell phone must remain turned off during school hours, including recess time. District Policy AA419 states, "Possession of a cellular telephone by a student is a privilege that be forfeited by any student that uses his/her cell phone inappropriately. A student that possesses a cellular phone shall assume responsibility for its care. At no time shall the District be responsible for preventing theft, loss, or damage to cell phones brought onto school property. Cellular telephone use during classroom time, instructional activities and field trips is prohibited. Cellular telephones must remain off during these times. Exceptions to this policy may be granted by school administration on a case by case basis to accommodate family emergencies or medical necessity. Students violating these guidelines will be disciplined in accordance with District Policy AS67-Discipline of Students."

School Visitation

West Jordan Elementary School values the contributions of parents and patrons, whether serving in the school as volunteers or working at night with your children. In order to endure that school visitors have a productive and enjoyable experience, we ask that parents serving as volunteers leave preschoolers and small children at home. Also, school-age children not enrolled at West Jordan Elementary School may not be on the premises during school hours, unless they are attending a school-sponsored activity such as a grade-level program.

Student Dress and Grooming

Students are expected to dress in a manner that shows respect for the educational environment and is befitting the day's activities. Student's clothing and jewelry must not present a health or safety hazard or distraction. District Policy AA419 provides the following guidelines



Playground Safety

In accordance with state law, motorized vehicles are not allowed on the lawns, sidewalks, or playground. No alcoholic beverages, drugs, smoking, firearms, archer, golf, dogs, skateboarding, rollerblading, sleigh riding, tubing, or skiing is allowed on school grounds. Grounds are closed from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.


Our cafeteria serves nutritious lunches daily and we encourage all students to purchase their lunches in the cafeteria. Students may, if they prefer, bring a cold lunch from home. Lunch menus will be sent home at the beginning of each month. Menus are subject to change. Meals need to be paid for in advance on a weekly or monthly basis. The cost of a regular school lunch is $1.50 per day or $7.50 per week. Breakfast is $0.70 per day or $3.50 per week. Reduced lunches cost $0.40 per day or $2.00 per week. The cost of reduced breakfast is $0.30 per day or $1.50 per week. Milk is $0.25. Free and reduced lunch applications are available upon request at the school office any time during the school year. A lunch deposit slip is required with each lunch payment. These are located in the office or can be printed by clicking on the link above the lunch menu on the calendar page in this website.


West Jordan Elementary is a walking school. In accordance with state busing guidelines, students who live within the West Jordan Elementary boundaries (and who are not transported to school as a result of special education placement) do not qualify for busing.

Medications at School

State law requires that students may not self-administer any medication in an elementary school. All  prescription medication must be kept in the office and administered under the direction of the school personnel. In order for the school to administer any medication, the office must have on file a Medication Authorization  Form which must be filled out and signed by the child's physician. This pertains to non-prescription medicine as well as prescription drugs. All medication that is to be given at school must be furnished by the parent or guardian and delivered to the school by a responsible adult. Elementary students may carry and self administer auto injectable epinephrine, insulin, and asthma inhalers during the regular school day only when the medication has been prescribed by the student's licensed health care provider and the school principal receives a current Medication Authorization Form.

Food and Treats at School

Please check with the classroom teacher or office if arrangements need to be made to bring classroom treats. Your child's teacher will be able to inform you if there are items that need to be avoided because of student allergies. Also, Health Department guidelines state that classroom treats need to be commercially prepared.